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Remember that happiness is a way of travel

There’s little question in our minds that travelling is sweet for our morale. Going on vacation keeps a smile on our face, before, during and long after departure. What’s more, the advantages – and memories – we gain from travelling are numerous. Here are 10 reasons why travel makes us so happy.

1- consistent with science, travel is that the secret to happiness

At least, that’s the idea we’d wish to make after discovering the results of a study done by Cornell University in 2017. According to researchers, pocket money on experiences, instead of on physical objects, makes us happier. The reason? We “adapt” to objects, which means that the happiness we feel following a purchase fades over time once we get used to it. Experiences, on the other hand, continue to bring us joy every time we think about them.

2- Travel increases self-confidence

According to a study by, reported by Marie Claire, 65% of travellers surveyed find that their first experiences abroad boosted their confidence. Amandine Legrand, a psychologist and blogger at Un sac sur le dos, believes that travel is sweet for self-confidence because it offers many opportunities to excel without external pressures and at your own pace.

3- Travel allows us to urge to understand ourselves better

Travelling, especially solo, is a chance to get our own limits and broaden our horizons. Visiting a replacement place allows us to reconnect with our inner “selves” and what we actually want, without the influence of our entourage. This lets us explore the planet , all while exploring ourselves. What we’re trying to mention is, the inner journey is simply as important because the physical journey!

4- Globetrotters adapt more easily

Being able to adapt to any situation is an essential requirement for many employers. The experiences we gain on the road also can be useful at work. Travellers are generally perceived as resourceful and brave.

5- Travel gives us a sense of open-mindedness

On the road, we quickly learn that cultural references help shape our image of the planet . Putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes to raised understand them enlarges our field of vision. Engaging with other mind-sets, values and ideas can be unsettling at first, but it ultimately makes us stronger and more open over time.

6- Travel helps us take a step back

Sometimes, getting away provides much-needed distance so as to ascertain a drag during a new light. We’re not talking about running away from our problems, but rather, giving ourselves a break in order to solve a problem. Being confronted with other realities is additionally a chance to re-evaluate our priorities and learn to place things into perspective.

7- Going on vacation keeps us young

Travelling keeps us healthy! This was revealed by a study done by the Global Commission on Aging and Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies in collaboration with the U.S. Travel Association. According to the results, reported by the l. a. Times, women who vacation every six years or less are, for instance , more likely to possess a attack or develop heart disease, as opposed to those who vacation at least twice a year.

8- You’ll master at least one foreign language

Travelling to a replacement country are often difficult if you don’t speak the language. Good thing learning a far off language is superb for our neurons, consistent with a study published within the Journal of Neurolinguistics by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania. Some people even say that bilingualism delays the onset of Alzheimer’s disease! Not to mention the fact that mastering one or more foreign languages is a valuable asset on a CV.

9- Travel leaves us feeling more zen

According to a study done by the worldwide Commission on Aging and therefore the refore the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies and the U.S. Travel Association, after one or two days, 89% of travelers observe a significant decrease in their stress levels. The challenge remains holding on to this mindset once back home!

10- Travel memories are priceless

According to a 2016 survey conducted by in 17 countries, 49% of participants stated that travel brings them more happiness than their wedding day did. Maybe it’s because we travel more often than we get married? Or at least, we hope so!

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