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"World Vision is a great partner... we have a lot to do, we are going to do it together !"

India Partners

Partnership with Seven Sands Tourism
To satisfy our customers and take care for all they needs we create successful partnerships in the travel and tourism industry . We’ve been Knew that to succeed in life and business we need partnerships. In this era of scarce resources, that’s the case even more. There are many opportunities for partnerships in the travel and tourism industry but they take focus, planning and work. To get our vision true to make our customers satisfy
Company partner:
Seven Sands Toursim
Partnership Date :
Year 2010
Company Manager
Cyril Britto
Our Goals
Making our customer satisfied and working in one system and one group in all over the world
Contact Details :
Internatinal Mobile       :  +919 845502455
Internatinal WhatsApp : +919 845502455
E.mail       : [email protected]

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