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What Is Business Travel ?
Business travel is a journey specifically taken for work purposes and doesn’t include daily commutes, leisure trips or holidays.
According to the WTO (World Trade Organization) around 30 per cent of international trips these days are for business – and business travel shows no sign of slowing down. Even in this world of instant communication and social media, business travel is as necessary and advantageous as ever.
What are the main reasons for business travel?
Networking. A handshake followed by a face-to-face chat is still the best way to meet and get to know someone – much better than Skype calls or reading dozens of emails and text messages. You may also want to personally show your leadership skills.
Examples & samples. You may need to take examples or samples of your work or see examples or samples of something you’re considering investing in. Explaining something – such as a product or service you offer – while with someone and actually seeing they understand is much better than any other way.
Tia Tours Group , take steps to you 9 Reasons to Use it
1. Discount Travel
2. Save You Time and Money
3. Round-the-Clock Assistance
4. Inside Knowledge
5. Complying with Corporate Travel Policy
6. Greater Access to Resources
7. The Best Travel Booking Systems
8. A Fully Comprehensive Service
9. Dedicated Agents

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