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Jordan Tour – 6 Days – 5 Nights

Start and end in Amman ! With the Jordan tour , you have a 6 days tour package taking you through Amman, Jordan and 6 other destinations in Jordan. Jordan tour includes accommodation in a hotel as well as an expert guide, meals, transport and more.


Once you arrive in Amman, you will be welcomed by our staff before we transfer to your hotel. We’ll help you check in and show you where the local shops, cafés and restaurants are before we give you some free time to explore the city before we officially start the tour tomorrow.

King’s Highway to Petra via Madaba and Kerak Another day of exploration awaits, starting with a drive along the picturesque King’s Highway to Petra. Although this route takes a bit longer, its alluring views makes it worth going the extra mile. As we drive, we’ll pass numerous wadis, olive groves and rural villages. We’ll stop in Madaba to visit to the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George. Your guide will also show you the famous 6th century Byzantine mosaic map of the Holy Land along with other biblical sites. Next, we’ll make our way up Mount Nebo, which offers breath-taking views of the Holy Land. Back on the road, we’ll cross more wadis, including the impressive Wadi al-Mujib before we reach Kerak Castle – which is one in a chain of Crusader fortresses lined across Jordan on the ancient Egypt-Syrian caravan route. This mammoth fortress was built in 1132 AD by the Crusader King Baldwin and then fell to Saladin in 1188AD. We won’t make any more stops until we reach Petra, where we’ll help you check into your hotel for the evening. You have some free time to do as you please, but we do suggest going on the Petra by Candlelight tour through the Siq to the Treasury. OVERNIGHT:. Petra hotel. MEALS:. Breakfast.

Today is all about venturing around the prominent Nabatean site of Petra. Until the Romans took over in 106AD, the historic city was the ancient capital of the Nabatean commercial empire. For a while Petra was forgotten and then rediscovered by the Swiss explorer Johann Ludwig Burckhardt in 1812. Perched on the edge of Wadi Aruba and protected by canyon walls and hills, this city is hard to reach. To enter, you must walk through a small cleft in the rock called the Siq. You will notice that there are very few freestanding structures in the city, as the Nabateans decided to fashion their homes and buildings into the colorful sandstone cliffs. After a 2-3 hour guided tour of this remarkable ancient city, you have plenty of time to amble around and do some discovering. During the guided tour, you will be taken through the Siq, rising 200m above and just 2m wide. There are still the remains of the terracotta pipes that brought water into the city along this wall as well as the ancient Nabatean water channel. When you leave the Siq, one of Petra’s most impressive landmarks will blow you away – the Khazneh, also known as the Treasury. You’ll get a glimpse of the ruined Roman amphitheater and Petra’s colonnaded streets. We also suggest walking along the narrow gorge past the multi-colored sandstone cliffs to the Monastery. This is Petra’s biggest carved monument at 50 metres high and 45 metres wide. From this point, the views of the Wadi Aruba and the Jordan Valley are breathtaking. This afternoon, we leave Petra and drive into the beautiful desert scenery of Wadi Rum, where friendly Bedouin hosts are ready to greet us at a comfortable camp beneath the towering rocks and cliffs. We spend the evening and night relaxing at the camp, watching the stars and enjoying a delicious traditional Jordanian meal. OVERNIGHT:. Wadi Rum Bedouin camp. MEALS:. Breakfast, Dinner.

We spend more time amidst the desert scenery of Wadi Rum today on a jeep safari that passes by more sharp cliffs and intriguing rock formations. This area and its huge rust coloured rocky ‘jebels’ was made famous by the film Lawrence of Arabia, that celebrated TE Lawrence’s time here during the Arab revolt of 1917-18. From Wadi Rum, we drive up north to the banks of the Dead Sea – the lowest point on earth, at over 400 metres below sea level. The sea receives a variety of incoming rivers including the Jordan River. When the rivers reach the sea, they merge together before evaporating and leaving behind a unique blend of salts and minerals, supplying local industries with high quality products. West of the Dead Sea, you can view the hills of Jerusalem. This area is believed to have been the home of 5 biblical cities: Sodom, Gomorrah, Adman, Zebouin and Zoar (Bela). The tour will come to a stop and allow you to splash around in these salty waters. Normal swimming is not possible, so we suggest floating instead. As the water is so salty, avoid getting it in your eyes. Later today, we make our way back to Amman. OVERNIGHT:. hotel. MEALS:. Breakfast.

We start the day with a city tour of Amman, which is known as the ‘white city’ due to its vast collection of white limestone buildings. Your guide will give you a glimpse into Amman’s rich history, pointing out the excavations and renovations made during from the Neolithic period, the Hellenistic period and the late Roman to Arab Islamic Ages. The Citadel is another highlight and you can see the ancient temple of Hercules, the 8th century Umayyad Palace, the Byzantine Church and the 6,000 seat Roman theatre. This intricate 2nd century theatre is still used today for cultural events. The tour will depart from Amman and visit the ruined city of Jerash. It’s hard not to be in awe of this masterpiece of Roman architecture which was once hidden under sand. You’ll explore some of the city’s ruined highlights, which includes theatres, baths, fountains, winding paved streets and striking hilltop temples. OVERNIGHT:. Amman hotel. MEALS:. Breakfast.

You have free time to do some last-minute shopping or get in some relaxation time until we transfer you to the airport. If you want to make the most of your time, you can take one of the optional day trips such as a full-day tour to the Baptism site at Bethany and Ajloun Castle, a trip to Pella and Umm Qais, a tour of the ‘Desert Castles’, or a tour into Israel to visit Bethlehem and Jerusalem. You can also arrange a transfer to Tel Aviv by flight or overland if you want to meet up with one of our Israel tours. It is also possible to fly to Cairo and connect with an Egypt tour. Please ask us for full details and we’ll be delighted to help plan an extension to your tour

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